Title: Sex and gender in clinical medicine and clinical pharmacology
Date: 1-2 December 2014
Location: Berlin (Germany)
Host: Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Institute for Gender in Medicine (GIM)


Our first workshop on “Sex and gender in clinical medicine and clinical pharmacology” will be held from 1-2 December 2014 in Berlin.

Sex and gender differences in cardiovascular diseases have been described in epidemiology, clinical symptoms, management and outcomes, yet little of this wealth of knowledge has been translated into clinical practice and clinical guidelines. Focus of this workshop will be cardiovascular diseases, their therapy and major comorbidities (i.e. diabetes, chronic kidney disease, autoimmune diseases, depression). With a group of experts we will identify and critically assemble existing evidence-based knowledge about sex and gender differences, that should be considered in the development of future guidelines. This will lead to the elaboration of a focused white paper for future reference within and outside the gender medicine community.

The second focus of the workshop will be the production of policy briefs for the wider community, lay people, policymakers, funding agencies etc. The objective is to collate the same evidence-based knowledge about sex and gender difference in medicine and present it in an easily understandable, yet scientifically sound and robust format to non-medical audiences. We will also produce a set of slides summarizing the main findings in diverse medical disciplines to be used for presentations to non-expert audiences.

We are inviting a group of 25 experts from various backgrounds for this two-day meeting. Clinicians and researchers, as well as representatives from patient organizations, funding bodies, the pharmaceutical industry and the press will be present at the workshop. We are certain that this diverse group of experts will help us assemble high-quality wide-reaching materials to be disseminated beyond the project itself.

Workshop Agenda

Highlights of the Workshop (Pictures)

Workshop 1.1 report 1-2 December 2014